Andy Hohman

Lawrence offered to take us to his favorite fishing spots to make sure we got off to a great start.  With a few pointers and a couple “x”s on a map, we had no trouble finding fish.  We could not ask for better hosts and outfitters, and now friends.  We ate fish everyday and the deck hands had the fish filleted and at our door before we could get our gear from the boat to the cabin.  The lake itself is huge and beautiful.  We caught fish a just about every place we tried to fish.  The shore lunch spots that are sprinkled around the lake are great spots to get out of the boat and enjoy the view.   At one point, we were joking that we couldn’t troll for more than 20 minutes without catching a walleye.  On an unusually windy day, we decided not to go out on the boat, and I caught 30 walleye off the dock in about an hour.  We will definitely be coming back to Kaby Kabins.