Jim Frase

Jim Frase, Burton Michigan.
We did a fly-in fishing trip to celebrate my retirement. A dream I’ve always had, and a retirement gift from my wife! Eight of us total. My friend has been there three times and helped my wife set it up for me. He said Agichs was the place to go, and he was sure spot on!!!! Stewart and Donna and crew work so hard to assure your stay is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I don’t understand how those few people could do so much for everyone. Feels like you’re the only people there. The food was WONDERFUL!!!! And the fishing AWESOME!!!!! Myself, my two sons a few great friends (last years group) and a bunch more guys are going back this year! I can’t believe we get to do it again! Thank you Stewart, Donna and the rest of your wonderful family! We can’t wait to see you again this year for more memories of a lifetime!!!!!
The Jim Frase group!!!!