Suzie and Dick Young

Our summer fishing trips rank high on our list of adventures! Massive span of Kaby Lake invites us to explore as we search for our favorite fishing hole, where the time spent at each spot delivers memories for years to come! The feel of a fish on the line is always exciting, and even better if it lands in the live well and eventually fried up and appearing on the dinner plate! The cabins are always clean and cheerfully furnished and adequate accommodations for anyone interested in spending a week in Northern Ontario! Whether it’s for fishing or relaxing and getting away from the fast pace of life, it’s always worth coming home with memories of friendships gained! From the air flight skimming over a landscape covered with nothing more than forest, rocks and all sizes of lakes to the beautiful sunsets, it’s extremely hard to capture it all on camera!
The Agich Family have truely made Kaby Kabins a Canadian paradise! EH! (Ay!)

Suzie and Dick Young   Lake City MI.