Kabinakagami Lake provides the ultimate in wilderness fishing.   You can catch your limit most days right off the dock but you have 30 miles of lake to explore as well.   Walleyes abound and are easily located,  providing fast action and a tasty shore lunch at mid-day.  Great Northern Pike prowl these waters, and many in the 20 lb. class are caught each season.   Jumbo Perch also reside here and quite a few guests target them with worms, minnows, or small spinners.   

Kabinakagami Lake is also great for fly fishing as the average depth is only 15 ft.   A moderate sink tip 8 wt. line is sufficient in most cases.   The Lund 16 Ft. Stalker boats, and 25 HP electric start motors whisk you around the lake in style and comfort, and let you concentrate on the important things…like fishing!!!  

Once you fish with Agich’s you’ll be spoiled for life.

Fishing Strategies and Locations